Tips For Having a Stress-Free Moving Day

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When moving from one house to the next, there are a lot of tasks and responsibilities,  and when you’re confronted with heaps of boxes and half-packed rooms, it’s easy to have your stress levels rise during the process. It is no surprise that 62% of people voted moving home as their most stressful event, beating a divorce and starting a new job. 

Even if you are eagerly looking forward to starting a new chapter, the process of moving everything you own and changing your entire routine can be both physically and emotionally exhausting. RK Property Partners can provide you with the crucial tips for moving house, along with the right resources and information. 

Planning Beforehand

Planning is the key to a smooth and stress-free moving day. Give yourself some time. Carve out a few hours each day and set some list of things you have to do before, during and after the process.

Sort Your Items

sort through your belongings before you start packing. Separate what you will keep and the items you no longer want or have room for. We recommend doing this room by room since it will keep you organized and make your items easier to manage. 

Set up Your Utilities Beforehand

In order to avoid being without electricity, gas, water, or internet service in your new home, you can set up most of these services in advance and three weeks prior to your move is a good time frame. With a little planning and contacting the providers, you can head into a moving day, knowing that your basic services are already taken care of and by the time you set foot in your new house, it will be fully functional. 

Change Your Address

Banks, work, electoral roll information, insurance, vehicle registration, bills and taxes are some of the most important agencies to inform when you’re moving house. With technology these days it’s usually very simple to log onto your account and change your address under your profile. 

For more information on how to change your address in Australia’s Capital Territory click here. They can help you update the address for car registration, Medicare, driver’s license, the Tax Office, and Centrelink.

Book a Reliable, Trusted Moving Company

When you are moving home, you are placing all of your favourite and most precious possessions in the hands of your moving company, so you will need to ensure the company transporting your belongings is both experienced and professional.

Ideally you should book a moving company 4-6 weeks before your moving date, because within this timeframe you will need to:

  • Arrange a pre-move consultation, most reputable moving companies offer free home surveys
  • Receive, review and compare your quote
  • Confirm schedule and logistics, in writing
  • Make any final arrangements like parking etc.

Measure Your Furniture and Dimensions of Your New House

Whether you’re moving old furniture or purchasing new ones, correctly measuring your furniture will let you know right away if everything will fit through the doorways, hallways, and spaces in your new place. After you get the measurements of your furniture, you can make an appointment for a quick visit to your new house or if it is not possible, you can ask your real estate agent to measure the bedrooms, closets, kitchen, living room, and office for you. 

Plan The Day in Your Head

Some tasks may have been set aside while you were busy packing and preparing for your move. Keep a running list of items that need to be addressed before you move out to avoid any mishaps or oversights on the day of your move. Keep a pen and a pad of paper nearby to write down your “to-dos” as soon as you think of them; this will help reduce the stress of trying to recall everything that needs to be done on such a busy day.

Set a Schedule for The Day

Moving day has finally arrived! It will be an exciting day, but it will also be a long one. Start your day with a good breakfast to keep your energy and focus up. It is also important to plan everything you need from the night before moving day to the first night in your new place, such as snacks, chargers, electronics, toiletries, bedding, clothing, etc.

Before the moving truck leaves, do one last check for any items that may have been left behind. Check cabinets and closets as you go from room to room. Check attics, storage sheds, and basements.

Be Mindful of Your Kids and Pets

Moving is never an easy process, especially with children and their furry friends in tow. With a little bit of foresight and planning, you can smooth the way for your kids and pets to ensure the move is as low-stress for them as possible.

  • It’s important to talk to your children about moving day so they know what to expect and what they need to prepare.
  • Help them get excited about the change by emphasizing some of the positive differences between here and there, such as what their new school will be like, how close their favorite pizza shop is to the new home.
  • Keep their favorite snacks and toys with them during the moving process. They will make them less anxious about the big change they are about to make.
  • Before your big day, get your pets familiar with traveling in a carrier (or box) so they don’t panic and perhaps hurt themselves. 
  • Get the kids involved in the moving process. Give them small tasks and encouragement, such as packing toys and selecting favorite games.

Get to Know The Area You Are Moving To

Navigating the first night in your new home can be difficult. Therefore, knowing the closest grocery store and local restaurants or pizza shops can be a huge help for quick meals for the family. 

At RK Property Partners we can ensure your moving process runs smoothly and stress-free. We can connect you to the best movers, maintenance workers and construction teams in the area that are trusted and reliable. 

For more information on how to buy, sell or rent your property in Canberra, contact our experts today. We can have you moving and settled in no time!

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