Royce Kaur


Property Status

  • 68% Leased
  • 32% Sold

About Royce Kaur

With almost a decade of experience in the real estate industry, Royce has a wealth of expertise in property management and residential sales. Her reputation has been built on meticulous attention to detail, positive attitude, and innovation through her progressive sales techniques.

Her work ethic and abilities are reflected in the wealth of accolades and performance results she received in her real estate history. Adorned with numerous customer service awards and striving for excellence, the next logical step for Royce was to open up her own real estate company ‘RK Property Partners’ in 2021 where she manages a highly experienced and focused team, working closely in sales and property management.

When Royce isn’t working hard, she loves to travel – experiencing new cultures and values. Having lived in London, Sydney and Melbourne, Royce has gained a wealth of life experience and a love of people that is invaluable in the real estate industry.

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