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Welcome to Canberra – RK Property Partners’ Region of Expertise!

The Canberra region is a great place to buy, sell or invest in property. The economy is strong and growing, and the city has a lot to offer its residents. New developments are sprouting all around Greater Canberra featuring luxurious or investment-only apartment buildings, modern townhouses and spacious houses with lush yards.

RK Property Partners are experienced and knowledgeable about the local market. In our careers, we have achieved record sales prices, the lowest rental vacancy rates in the region and distinct recognition. We are also actively supporting the local community. We can help you make the most of your investment or find your dream home.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services or browse our exclusive properties for sale in Canberra’s hottest suburbs. We look forward to helping you sell your property or find a high-yielding investment opportunity.

Is now a good time to sell or buy a house in Canberra?

It is the ideal time to take advantage of current selling conditions and sell your property. As the Canberra region continues to grow and become more popular, property prices have seen exponential growth over the last few years. Find out what your home is worth in today’s market with RK Property free appraisals service. Contact us for an analysis of all aspects including current trends so you can make informed decisions when selling or buying a new place that will suit both lifestyle needs as well affordability considerations.

Most of Canberra’s suburbs are ranked TOP-10 most desirable places to live in: locals’ reviews placed Yarralumla, Belconnen, Kambah, Narrabundah, Lyneham, Gungahlin, and Canberra CBD high in the top rankings, while real estate market reports confirmed that those areas saw the biggest number of properties sold.

The RK Property Partners team members have been rewarded multiple times for Customer service, Sales and Property management results in their real estate careers. We want you to have an amazing stress-free home sale experience with us, so all of our agents go through extensive training on best market practices, negotiation skills and acquire extensive local knowledge.

We provide curated Sellers, Buyers and Landlords’ Guides which will guide your next move towards getting top dollar offers for your house, and we also help you navigate Canberra real estate market and property management through our blog.

What is the work process to sell a house in Greater Canberra?

To successfully sell a house in Canberra RK Property Partners guide you through every step. Start your own research by browsing our sold listings to see our results, and downloading our free Sellers Guide describing the selling process and its pitfalls.

RK Property Partners offer one-on-one personalized service for every client and we don’t apply a standard process to all buyers, as we understand that everyone has their own needs and circumstances. On the other hand, for every seller, we guarantee an excellent performance.

Our flexible marketing selling strategy includes meticulous preparation of your house for sale, superior photography and videography, and handling all inspections and negotiation processes with no stress for you. With RK Property you can list your property with no upfront payments.

Steps to sell your home with RK Partners:

  1. Download our Sellers Guide and find out if you and your house are ready to be listed.
  2. Arrange an appointment with an RK sales expert to get a free appraisal and find out if your asking price is reasonable and how you can get the top-dollar offer. Discuss all selling conditions and changes we will undertake to increase your property value.
  3. Then our team can advise on staging your house to take eye-catching professional photos and videos that convert visitors.
  4. Along the way, we will adjust our marketing strategy to your needs and the selling conditions in the area, as we are local experts in Canberra’s suburbs and can navigate the differences of buyers’ audiences and create the best-performing listings.
  5. Our sales specialists will work on creating competitive listings, including detailed descriptions featuring buyers benefits, floor plans and answers to the frequently asked questions.
  6. To promote your listing and close the deal within days, we use all tested marketing channels. Over 35 years of experience and evolving, we found out what works best.
  7. We are handling all inspections and auctions, all negotiations on your behalf. We are monitoring property reports for every suburb and have proven to achieve consistently high sales prices for our sellers.

Buy a Home in Canberra

If you’re looking to buy a house in Canberra or one of its inner suburbs, check our selected houses for sale or ask the RK Property Partners team to assist with your search.

Buying a house can be challenging, especially if you’re not familiar with the suburb, do not know what streets are the best to live in, and how reasonable is the market price. RK Property Partners are focused on finding an affordable family house for first-home buyers or someone moving into the leafy Canberra’s streets. But we also can help you invest in property in the hottest and most yielding suburbs in the region.

Is this a good suburb for me?
Once we set a budget and discuss the overall process of buying a house and its legal aspects, we will proceed to select the most matching suburbs. You can research our recommended suburbs, and based on your preferences we will screen the market to find some advantageous on and off-market deals.

Communication with our clients is our core value. We are working and living in the area and we will be delighted to find a perfect house for you whether you’re looking for a safe and quiet place to live with your family and kids, a vibrant multicultural suburb to move while you’re studying or a spacious house with a view and garden for your grandparents.

Negotiating a deal
Due to our strong negotiation skills, we are able to achieve the best price during the negotiation and prior to the auction.
Contact our team today to learn more about your buying options and recent houses for sale.

Benefits of investing in Canberra Real estate

The Canberra real estate market is strong and there is a lot of demand for property in the region. The median house price in Canberra hit the record of $1,074,187 in 2021 and the experts still expect the market to grow. At the same time, outer suburbs remain affordable yet a 20-minute drive from the capital.

There are many reasons why investors should consider Canberra when looking for an investment property. The city has a strong economy with a growing population, and it offers good rental yields. In addition, the city has a number of infrastructure projects planned or underway, which is likely to lead to further growth in the property market.

Investors can expect a higher annual rental yield in the area than the median in the ACT – units generate the most profit for landlords, and Gungahlin is one of the best-yielding suburbs with a 6.54% rental yield. Braddon, Kambah, Lyneham are other good investment choices in Canberra.

Canberra’s population demographics consist of well-educated, mostly wealthy professionals, families with kids and retirees working in Civic. Some suburbs evolved into hipster and youth hubs, like Braddon or Lyneham. Most dwellers are looking for a peaceful, safe and well-organized place to live with easy access to good schools, shops, restaurants and healthcare. Every suburb transformed over the last years, but the community became even more tight and welcoming.

The regional economy is strong and allows the government to invest a lot in new developments, healthcare, sport, renewable energy and local business. Yet, a lot of people praise the location, open spaces, parks, lakes, hills and valleys spread around Canberra’s suburbs more than any facilities.

Property management in Canberra

The rental market in Canberra’s suburbs is massive, as many outer suburbs are formed by up to 80% of apartment complexes and offer affordable living for young professionals, older couples and families. The property investment returns vary from suburb to suburb and it is crucial to study the market over the last five years to make an informed decision on where to buy a property and what rent to market.

Property management in Canberra can be a huge undertaking, especially if you’re managing a large number of properties. That’s why it’s important to find a good property manager who can take care of everything for you. RK Property Partners team of professionals will handle all of the maintenance, tenancy, and communication issues to ensure that your property is delivering a return on investment while saving you time and stress.

Why is it better to hire a property manager?

Many property owners struggle to find the right property manager, as they might encounter so-called “managers” whose only duty was to collect rent. To help property investors we created a Landlords’ Guide highlighting all major pitfalls and opportunities.

There are some business and emotional benefits of using a property manager.
General benefits:

  • Delegating property management to a manager helps you save time and money. A certified property manager went through special negotiation and management training.
  • Get expert advice on how to get the most out of your property. A good property manager will work to get the best rent and to increase property value by properly maintaining it or adding beneficial changes.
  • Maximizing investments returns by decreasing vacancy rate, updating listings and negotiating higher rent. This will also generate stable cash flow for you.
  • All the hustle of screening, interviewing and managing tenants as well as paperwork, bills and such go to your property manager. Moreover, they know exactly how a Tenancy Application form should look like, what laws and documents regulate housing in every suburb and what responsibilities landlords and tenants hold.

Emotional benefits:

  • You will feel more confident when you’re making decisions about your property.
  • You will significantly reduce stress and free time to focus on your life and work

Compared to other benefits, emotional benefits can be harder to measure because they can’t be bought or sold but can have a big impact on your life. RK Property Partners real estate agents in Canberra are experienced and knowledgeable in the Canberra market, arrange an appointment with us to talk about property management.

Why choose RK Property Partners Real estate agents in Canberra?

The RK Property team is determined to deliver the best one on one personalized services and we have a deep connection with the Canberra region. Our sold properties can give you a glimpse of our brilliant results.

We are a locally based real estate agency with two offices in Canberra City and Belconnen. Our award-winning owner-manager Royce and exceptional sales expert David have lived in Canberra for many years and have more than 40 years of local expertise combined. We know the property market as top-performing experts, and the streets or the shops as locals do.

We love giving back to the community. We support local cricket teams and charities, and our auctioneer Richard helped raise significant donations for the Heart Foundation, St Vincent de Paul and Marymead.

You are very likely to get a record sale price with the RK Property Partners team, as our sales specialist David has scored multiple record sales in the Canberra region over his 22-year experience, and his sales exceed 400 million dollars, meanwhile, our auctioneer Richard as well, has achieved 22 suburban record sales prices, including 6 highest record prices in Griffith over $80,000,000 and has sold over 600 properties in total.

If you’re looking to buy a house or invest in a property, RK services include access to innovative onsite auctions with one of the best auctioneers in Australia – Richard Keeley is consistently rated among the best real estate agents and top auctioneers since 2005.

If you want to maximize your property investment returns, we are ready to help you to decrease your vacancy rates, as we have achieved the lowest vacancy rate in the Canberra region. Managing your property with RK, you get consistent cash flow, effective marketing strategies to drive tenants interest and a stress-free journey.

RK Property Partners Best Suburbs in Canberra

  • Canberra Real Estate AgentCanberra City is the epicentre of everything in the region and one of the world’s most pleasant places to live in. It offers the best opportunities to start a business, work or study at one of the Top World Universities.It is also a cultural and dynamic community, mostly young individuals 20 to 39 years old live here. The capital established a very high-quality lifestyle with low unemployment rates, high incomes, profitable investment properties and a strong economy right next to the National Park and Lake Burley Griffin.Canberra Real Estate has a lot of opportunities for young homebuyers with a solid budget and strong financial planning as Canberra has become the second most expensive city in Australia.
  • Belconnen Real Estate Agent
    Affordable houses in Belconnen attract young couples 20 to 39 years old to live in a well-organized ​​suburb with lush streets and great eating out options. Belconnen is an ideal residential choice as the area meets all everyday needs: there are several local shops, good medical, schooling facilities.It is also a great choice for property investors, as real estate in Belconnen shows a 4.23% annual increase in rental yield.
  • Gungahlin Real Estate Agent
    Gungahlin is one of the most desirable suburbs for living and investing in Canberra. It is a fast-growing, multicultural and affordable area in North Canberra, the perfect choice for families with kids, retirees and independents looking for a quiet suburb to live in within only 15 km away from the CBD.Gungahlin has its shopping precincts, good schools and healthcare, as well as a lot of open spaces and children’s playgrounds. Locals’ favourite destination is Yerrabi Pond with huge flying foxes, walking and cycling trails.
  • Jerrabomberra Real Estate Agent
    Jerrabomberra is a thriving suburb with amazing views, well-maintained gardens, spacious residential areas and backyard bbq. Sitting on hills, Jerrabomberra is just next to all the capital’s amenities and is home for professionals and families with kids of 40 to 49 years old, working in Canberra or Queanbeyan.The suburb is one of the most picturesque in the ACT and there are more property developments coming at affordable prices. It is one of the suburbs on investors shortlist.
  • Kambah Real Estate Agent
    Kambah is the largest and the best value for money suburb in the whole ACT. It is one of the TOP-10 most enjoyable places to live in. It is nestled in bushlands, right at the doorstep of Nature reserves, mountains and Murrumbidgee River. However, Kambah has its own good local schools, shops, healthcare facilities, and churches.The area is only 20 minutes away from all Canberra’s best facilities, yet it is way more affordable to buy a 3-bedroom house in Kambah. The place is loved by older couples, families, and retirees. You will never be bored here: horse-riding, cycling, fishing, tennis and many more activities await.
  • Casey Real Estate Agent
    Casey is a peaceful, leafy outer suburb with affordable living for young and mature Australians of 20 to 39 years old. It is a friendly community with a lot to offer to its inhabitants: good schools, parks and open spaces, and a diverse real estate market.The suburb is rapidly growing and transforming and the property market feels the difference already!
  • Lyneham Real Estate Agent
    Young professionals and couples, hipsters and students discovered new Lyneham – it evolved into a vibrant and diverse suburb with trendy coffee shops, cafes and restaurants, jazz nights at Tilley’s Devine Cafe and Gallery and live music at the Front Cafe and Gallery. It became a perfect combination of federation developments and the modern reality of apartment buildings.Yet, the old Lyneham’s roots are still strong: the community schools, public transport, well-planned infrastructure, parks and the proximity to Canberra add more and more value to Lyneham real estate.
  • Braddon Real Estate Agent
    Braddon is one of the closest suburbs to Canberra – 10 minutes and you can enjoy the capital’s living standards, job opportunities or healthcare. More and more young couples and single professionals move to cultural and diverse Braddon due to its affordable apartment developmentsYet, the area does not rely on its big brother: local shops, amenities and schools, coffee shops, restaurants and designer stores actually drive more and more customers from Canberra. The award-winning microbrewery Bentspoke Brewing Co, Frugii Dessert Laboratory or Sunday’s Haig Park Village Markets are meeting points for many Canberrans.
  • Yarralumla Real Estate Agent
    Yarralumla is one of the most awarded suburbs in the whole ACT: the most desirable real estate market, the 3rd best place to live, the most sold properties, the fastest growing suburb…yet, it is just the beginning for this prestigious location. Yarralumla is a well-designed, green and peaceful suburb with federation style mansions, beautiful houses and overall high living standards.It is an ideal choice to buy a house for families and couples of 45 to 69 years old, as well as a profitable property investment due to its extreme proximity to Canberra and lakeside location.
  • Narrabundah Real Estate Agent
    Narrabundah is a leafy suburb to live in for older professionals and families with children. The close proximity of Canberra CBD makes it an ideal spot for people who work at the national capital or need quick access during their commute into town every day.There are plenty of opportunities outside one’s home as well; from parks like Rocky Knob with stunning views over Canberra cityscape, BBQs, and walking tracks to one of the most popular restaurants – XO, and other eating out spots. Pin oaks and peacocks make this suburb even more diverse.

Why People Love Canberra Region?

​​Canberra is a friendly, safe place to live with excellent opportunities for employment and education. The Australian capital was once ranked 3rd on the list of best cities in Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel!

You can stay near the capital and enjoy the best amenities, or travel to the Coast and drink some wine and taste some oysters, or even visit alpacas.

Living standard: Canberrans are high-educated professionals, with higher incomes. The Canberra region spends the most money per capita in Australia. It is also a safe region, with the lowest unemployment rates. Moreover, the Canberra government is highly concerned about sustainability, and this is the first region to recycle up to 75% of its waste and planning to switch to 100% of renewable energy sources.

Strategic location: Canberra is right in the middle between Sydney and Melbourne. The region has a diversity of Nature reserves, open spaces, suburban developments, lakes and rivers. But it is also a stone’s throw from the coast. Canberra also has very easy access to SouthEast Asia touristic gems.

Open spaces: Green parks, gardens and open spaces cover up to 1/3 of some of Canberra’s suburbs. Lakes and parks become leisure destinations with children’s playgrounds, walking and cycling paths and fishing spots.

Activities: It is easier to tell what you can not do in Canberra! Canberra region is great for eating out, drinking at award-winning microbreweries, walking, jogging in hundreds of parks, riding horses in equestrian parks, cycling, trying BMX or skating, bushwalking and trekking to panoramic viewpoints, visiting National Zoo and Aquarium, Murrumbidgee River rafts, playing golf, tennis, baseball, fishing, skydiving, discovering national history in museums, enjoying art performances, wine tasting, festivals and so many other activities. Do not forget the Canberra Balloon Spectacular happening every March!

Facilities: due to the concentration of federal institutions in the Civic, the region has one of the best healthcare systems across the world, public and private hospitals, shopping centers, office buildings, hotels and restaurants, etc.

Community: every Canberra suburb is characterized by a tight and friendly community, some of them are more family-oriented, some of them are more independent and bohemian.

Transport: One of the best bus systems in Australia and convenient light rail.

Education: multiple public and private schools, colleges, daycare centres, but also access to the worlds’ best universities.

Job opportunities: a lot of opportunities to start your own business, or to work in Defence, agriculture, scientific, professional and technical industries.

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